A Song Traveler's Welcome!

from Wyatt Easterling

You may show up with just the desire but you’ll leave as a songwriter.


I am so pleased to invite you to our fourth Song Traveler’s Songwriting Retreat returning this year to our beloved Harmony Landing in Pegram, Tn. just a stone's throw from Nashville.


My first experience with songwriting retreats began from a different angle back in 1992 when I approached my business partner Miles Copeland and suggested we create a songwriting retreat hosting his artists on IRS Records and Firstars Management with our Bugle Publishing Group staff writers in Nashville. The idea was to give both the songwriters and artists an opportunity to meet in a beautiful location minimizing noise from the outside world so their songs could be created without distraction.


At the time I was thinking we’d bring artists into Nashville to an event center or state park; little did I know at that meeting that Miles owned (and still does to this day) a beautiful Chateau in the South of France called The Chateau de Marouatte. The event we launched there a mere three months later in October 1992 was named Printemps des Troubadours but quickly became referred to simply as “The Castle.”


The Castle became one of the most sought after invitations in the music world and hosted such music legends as Carole King, Cher, Olivia Newton-John, Peter Frampton, Bon Jovi, Jars of Clay and the list impressively goes on. These artists came to “The Castle” and collaborated with our Bugle Publishing Group writers and Firstars artists from Nashville such as Paul Thorn, Keith Urban and a host of other Nashville writers and artist. We held our event twice a year in the spring and fall for ten plus years. I’m proud to say we were the first such retreat and I take great pride seeing so many other retreats spawn off around the world from our example.


The Song Traveler’s Songwriting Retreat has a mission, which is to provide guidance for our participants from accomplished writers in a setting that is a safe and conducive environment for creativity.


And finally the most lasting and perhaps the most important take away from one of our retreats is the genuine relationships we’ve seen develop between participants time and again.  I myself have produced five different CD’s all recorded with top session musicians in Nashville for singer/songwriters I’ve worked with at one of the Song Traveler retreats or other retreats I’ve been privileged to instruct. I am as proud of these records as I am of records I’ve produced or songs I’ve written that sold gold or platinum, maybe even more so because now these recordings are for members of my tribe.


See you in October,


Wyatt Easterling